You are welcome to come and see what our club has to offer and may participate in 4 sessions (club night or training) before we ask you join the club.

To join Melville Masters Swimming Club  you need to register and make payment via the Sports TG console.  Just follow the link:
Join/Register or Re-register

Membership includes fees to Masters Swimming Australia and Western Australia and all Melville Masters swimming sessions. Pool entry and entry to events is additional.

Please ensure you inform the coaches of all relevant medical information so they are aware of any possible health issues. And make sure to include your e-mail address so club newsletters can be sent to you electronically.

Current available memberships are:
2021 – 6 month membership 1 July to 31 Dec 2021 – $110

2021/22 – 16 month membership to 31 Dec 2022 – $200

For membership enquiries please contact

Further information about the benefits of membership to a Masters Swimming Club is available at Membership Information (Masters Swimming WA)

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